Our simple three-step process:

      • Step 1: Send us a copy of your bills
      • Step 2: We format your information and send it to our supply base for competitive bidding
      • Step 3: We present you with options to choose product, price, term, and contract language

    Our additional services:

    • Request for Pricing (“RFP”) Management: WEC employs best practice procedures to structure our clients RFP leveraging relationships with 20 unique suppliers.
    • Electricity & Natural Gas Supply Sourcing: Maximizing our supplier base for our clients to assure the most competitive price along with the proper term, product, and contract for their business.
    • Efficiency Projects: Full turnkey efficiency projects to help realize short and long-term savings with capital funding options for our clients, if desired.
    • Energy Management: Tactical and strategic development of long term energy strategy coupled with proper product structure in dynamic client environments.
    • Product & Tariff Review: A thorough, professional review of factors impacting unit cost of energy delivered to your facility often reveals additional savings.
    • Over the Shoulder: WEC has earned the trust of numerous companies that became clients by starting with our “Over the Shoulder” sourcing service.   Ask us about it.