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Our goal is to help you be more efficient, sustainable, and knowledgeable with your energy sourcing

Efficiency – Reducing energy spending over time

Sustainability – Implementing sustainable solutions to meet client goals

Knowledge – Providing information to enhance decision making

Why choose wec?

WEC Values

Good manners

Good manners count for everything.  They extend beyond communication with customers.  We strive to make it part of our interaction with everyone we encounter.


We only need to be asked once.  Our clients, suppliers, and co-workers should never have to ask twice.  They should know that they can always rely on us to get back with them to answer questions or provide the information they need.

positively inquisitive

We are good detectives.  Asking questions to learn as much as we can, in a positive way, in order to improve the offering and experience for our customers and suppliers.


healthy sense of urgency

Making our customers priorities our priorities.  Understanding what they need, when they need it, and getting it to them.

actively engaged

The people we engage are important.  We focus on our conversations, without distractions, when we’re on the phone and in face to face meetings.

About US



Worthington Energy Consultants is dedicated to providing custom solutions that deliver cost savings, energy efficiency, and sustainability. We leverage our team of experts, supplier relationships and analytical process to help you make the best energy decisions for your organization.

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