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Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement – Elford

Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement – Elford

About the Program

Save money on electricity and natural gas through aggregated (or community?) volume pricing.

Three Step Process
  • Collect Bill Copies
  • Analysis & Contract Review
  • Recommendations


WEC manages more than 2.5B kWh of electricity and 1 Bcf of natural gas annually. WEC has thirty-four (34) vetted suppliers to assure the most competitive rate and favorable contract language in any market environment for our clients. WEC uses our purchasing power to leverage the best price, product, term(s), and contracting language that align with the client’s organizational goals.

Upload Bill Copies


  1. How does it work? Send a recent copy of your electricity and/or natural bill and we’ll share our savings analysis within a week or so.

  2. Can you help me save money on electricity and natural gas? Our program combines the purchasing power of many to benefit everyone.

  3. Am I obligated to work with you? No. We present options, and you decide if you want to proceed or not.

  4. Can you give me a rate without sharing my bill copies? We need specific information from the bill to give you pricing options.

See How WEC Can Help

Our 3 Step Process

Bill Copies

Send a recent bill and/or current supply contract

Contract Review

Review data, collaborate and negotiate with supply partners, organize recommendations


Present solutions, Q&A, implementation