WEC provides our clients guidance utilizing market knowledge, experience,
and integrity to maximize the value of their energy choices:

Procurement Services: Electricity & Natural Gas
Supply Sourcing which leverage strong supplier
relationships along with guidance to help navigate
price, product, term(s), and contracting language to
assure the best outcome for their organization.

ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance)
Planning and Sustainability Goals: Helping
clients achieve and exceed their ESG through a
combination of efficiency measures, procurement
strategies, contract structure. Our team can provide
turnkey solutions to offset greenhouse gas emissions
on a local, regional, national, and global level.

PPA/VPPA, Microgrid, CHP, Solar, REC’s, Carbon
Offsets, Renewable Natural Gas: WEC can help
to reduce or completely offset greenhouse gas
emissions for our clients, regardless of location and
size. Our team provides solutions and implementation
for all ESG and sustainability platforms from simple
procurement strategies to complex turnkey solutions.

Efficiency Projects: Executing projects that help our
clients reduce their carbon footprint, lowering spend,
and providing capital funding options when needed
from lighting and controls to real-time management

Energy Management Strategies and implementation: Customizing a solution to fit our clients operational,
fiscal, and sustainability goals is our passion. We can help reduce your carbon footprint by implementing
various strategies that include peak load management, real-time monitoring, demand response, and other
customized programs to match your organizational goals.


Our Three Step Procurement Process

Step one: Bill Copies

Send a recent bill and/or current supply contract

step two: analysis and negotiation

Review data, collaborate and negotiate with supply partners, organize recommendations

step three: Recommendations

Present solutions, Q&A, implementation

Our Services

What we Do Best


Our team of experts uses strategies, resources and analytics to help you make the best energy decisions for your organization.  Our goal is for you to be more efficient, sustainable, and knowledgeable with your energy sourcing

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