Which is better: fixed, variable, or managed?

It depends on your business needs. WEC will outline several options after reviewing your business needs to find the best solution or combination of approaches to yield the best results for your business.

We are required to competitively bid all purchases. Can you work within our requirements?

The team at WEC has vast experience with commercial, industrial, and governmental competitive bidding environments. We will work with you to assure your energy purchases fall within the requirements you set at the beginning of the process for budget, term, and contracting.

Should I pass through capacity or other components?

Passing through components is a critical decision to be considered before signing an electricity contract. WEC works with our clients to understand their business and how it may change over the years to determine if passing through components or locking them in is best for their company.

How do I know I’m comparing apples to apples?

There are numerous components that make up your electricity and natural gas charges. Knowing how to break down competitive bids is key to making sure there are no surprises after you’ve signed with a supplier. WEC helps our clients sort through supplier bids to make sure pricing is being equally compared.

Can you help us with facilities in other states and utilities?

Absolutely. WEC has the ability to work with you in each of the deregulated states and across multiple utilities.

Will I still have to open all of the junk mail and take all of the sales calls from energy brokers?

No! By taking advantage of WEC’s Concierge Service, our team will field sales calls and emails to see if there are any ideas, products, or programs that could benefit our client’s business. WEC will cut through the clutter and help you make energy decisions in a deliberate and thoughtful manner.

How long is the contract we will sign?

The term length is ultimately up to you. WEC will work to understand your business and guide you to the most appropriate term. Term and product may vary depending on the market and regulatory environment.

Will I need to sign a Letter of Authorization (“LOA”)?

Possibly. Certain states or utilities require an LOA that authorizes them to electronically transfer your account usage data to the suppliers in order to provide a custom quote on your electricity. For clients using more than 1,000,000/KWh/yr custom pricing most often results in a lower rate than can be provided from “matrix” pricing.

Does Worthington Energy Consultants sign the contract for me?

No. WEC provides you guidance, knowledge, and expertise. The decision as to which supplier you choose will always be yours and you will sign the supplier agreement.

What other services do you offer?

-PLC Management and Peak notification programs

-Demand Response

-Solar Projects

-Efficiency Projects – from simple lighting projects to turn-key audit and implementation

-Billing/Invoice review:

  • Tariff review
  • Fee, Tax, and Surcharge Review
  • Utility Rebates
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities

-Contract review and comparison

Using our internal and external resources, we will work to help identify any savings, reduction, or management strategies that will reduce your spend along with securing any available refunds or rebates to which you may be entitled.